Dementia Training Workshops

Our values are simple, 'we want the world to be a better place to live with dementia.' We strive to offer excellent and affordable dementia skills coaching for care professionals, organisation and families.

Julia Pitkin and Associates specialise in the validating interactions skills that develop therapeutic relationships making physical care easier by meeting a deeper emotional need. 

We have created a distinct training in validation therapy; a UK person-centred approach, offering a synergy of the Validation Method (Naomi Feil, 1983, 2015) and the UK's best practice and use of language, therefore meeting the UK's dementia quality standards in person-centred care. The Validation Method in the UK is not supported and guided by an Authorised Validation Organisation.  

Our workshops are skills-based rather than academic, making learning an easy and fun experience. We coach in ‘real-time,’ adapting to the participant's learning needs as they arise, this makes our training attractive and effective. We use a range of experiential methods which include, discussion, case studies, films, exercises and skills practice. 

Workshops are evidence-based in person-centred dementia care. Commissioned, in-house and open courses are available.

Benefits to the care teams and organisation

  • These deeper interpersonal skills cross over into all areas of care and leadership situations, once learnt cannot easily be discarded.
  • Care and support designed around those relationships that meet the person’s emotional and social needs.
  • Staff express a greater sense of fulfilment at work.
  • Staff feel more capable of handling stressful situations. Therefore, morale increases and the threat of job burn-out reduces.
  • Increased family moral and involvement supporting the individual whether at home, hospital or care home.
Duration: 3 hrs
Time: 27 Feb. 2020
Price: £0 per person
This workshop is commissioned by Shropshire Joint Training (£21 to £61pp). Apply/register please ...
Duration: 50 minutes
Time: Open
Price: £35 per person
Counselling couples and individuals.  We can work Face-to-face, telephone, Skype or Zoom. No need to register just call Julia on 07886 690026...
Duration: 2-day skills workshop
Time: 9:15am to 4.30pm
Price: £265 per person
Two-day Skills Workshop - open for commssions Go to 'Downloads' sign in for the Validating Me Workshop Course Handbook. ...
Duration: 1 Day
Time: 10:00am to 4.00pm
Price: £0 per person
Click here to book on this course   Free-...
Duration: Six Sessions
Time: Open
workshop trainer fee
Price: £220 trainer fee
1-2-1 Dementia Skills and Support Programme is tailored to the family and person experiencing dementia's unique needs in a supportive atmosphere.  This programme consists of six, 1½ hour sessions and offers a comprehensive...
Duration: 1 day
Time: 9:30am to 4:30pm
Price: £95 per person
Involving People with Dementia in their Care Decisions. Email: Website:  Setting up support & activity...