Rosemary Hurtley - Occupational Therapist / Validation Worker

Rosemary Hurtley

Rosemary Hurtley  MSc (Geron) , Dip COT, FRSA

Rosemary is a consultant in health and social care in change management and an Occupational Therapist, author and conference speaker. She has an MSc in Social Gerontology and is the founder of 360 Forward Ltd for quality improvement and Elizabeth Care®. Rosemary is a certified Validation worker having completed her training under the supervision of Validation Training Institute in the UK. Rosemary has many years of experience as a relative of both parents who lived with dementia towards the end of their lives in different care homes and was a trustee of the Relatives and Residents Association. She has co-authored the content on delivering meaningful activities in care homes featured in the Activity Toolkit ( College of Occupational Therapists).



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