Julia Pitkin - Occupational Therapist / Validation Teacher

Julia Pitkin

Occupational Therapist, Dementia Care Trainer (CIPD), Validation Teacher,  Person-Centred Counselling Skills.

Our Mission:

To have a 'Therapeutic Dementia Specialist trained in person-centred validation skills in every care home organisation in England by the time I am 65  - that will keep you guessing!

I have experienced the benefits of using the Validation Method with individuals living with dementia for over 15 years. I trained at the Validation Institute in the USA and integrated this with the excellent person-centred practices and language used here in the UK. I am enhancing these skills even further with a diploma in person-centred counselling skills.

This understanding and experience have given birth to the 'Dementia ValidationUK Champion,’ these are people skilled in facilitating conversations and relationships that matter most to people experiencing dementia. 

What people admire about me.

Is my ability to listen and empathise, to be passionate about things that matter most to me, my enthusiasm for new ideas and an easy-going nature.

What is important to me.

Seeing my children and husband happy and following their dreams, ‘Always be passionate about something you love.’ I enjoy sharing food and wine with friends and dreaming up mad ideas and projects.  I live in a  quiet corner of South Shropshire with chickens, a sheep, a goat and alpacas.I like to start my day by taking a quiet moment in my PJs with morning tea in a china cup.  

How best to support me.

I like the team approach. I respond well to encouragement and constructive feedback, not criticism. Please don’t beat around the bush, talk openly and honestly to me and I will do the same back. I like positive people who raise the team's morale, who bring solutions and not just the problems. Forget the long emails; I am dyslexic so please do talk to me on the telephone then I can hear your voice and get to know you. I am a big picture person and like to talk strategy and not be bogged down by detail.  Let's work in collaboration, pooling skills and experience, not in competition or with an ego! Most importantly, please tell me how I can help and support you, and I will do my best to do just that.

Ref: Helen Sanderson Associates' person-centred thinking tools

Academic Summary

  • Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling Skills (Level 4). 2015 - 2018.
  • Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® and Cruse Bereavement Volunteer
  • Helen Sanderson Associates' person-centred thinking tools. 2015
  • Dementia Champion (Alzheimer Society). 2013
  • Trainer in Talking Mats. 2013
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Dementia Studies (University of Bradford)
  • Dementia Care Mapping. 8th Ed (Bradford Dementia Group)
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) in Training Practice
  • Certified Validation Teacher, Naomi Feil. USA (2006)
  • Master Neuro- Linguistic Programmer (NLP)
  • BA(Hons) Business Studies (University of Brighton)
  • Occupational Therapy (OT) Dip.C.O.T

Julia Pitkin has spoken at four National Conferences.


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