Validating Me: Therapeutic Dementia Practitioner: Following this Validation course I feel that I will be more aware of the individual's emotional reasons for becoming distressed/agitated and be able to explore this further. This excellent training session with self-disclosure gave good insight into how this may affect a person with dementia.
Anna, Nurse Practitioner, HSE Donegal, Ireland. March 2020
Validating Me: Therapeutic Dementia Practitioner: After this training I intend to implement validation training (iCARER) for family carers in Donegal.
Marion, Nurse, HSE Donegal, Ireland. March 2020
Validating Me: Therapeutic Dementia Practitioner. This will give me the confidence to apply validation in all aspects of my life. I plan to offer validation sessions to family members of people living with dementia.
Sharon, Occupational Therapist, HSE Donegal, Ireland. March 2020
Introduction to Validation Therapy. A fantastic tutor (Julia), open about her experiences and is used good examples of her own client work.
Sapphire Support Worker, West Bromwich, African Caribbean Resource Centre. February 2020
Introduction to Validation Therapy. A very enjoyable training day and well delivered. Thank you, Julia.
Community Support Worker, AgeWell, Sandwell. February 2020
iCARER Communication Awareness Session (a validation approach): Very informative and an interesting course. I will consider the residents emotional needs more, to listen and not just trying to fix the situation straight away.
New Dawn Court, Birmingham. October 2019
Inspirational Activities (Dementia). This course has given me loads of ideas and good tips for engaging people with dementia on all levels. Brilliantly delivered, Julia is so lovely.
Shropshire RCC. June 2019
Inspirational Activities: One of the best course I have ever attended. Every aspect was informative and the trainer was excellent.
Quality Compliance Officer, South London. January 2019
iCARER Communication Awareness Session (a validation approach):
This half-day workshop was amazing. I left feeling so empowered and with ideas of how I can work with dad (who has dementia) in the times he gets distressed.
Family Supporting Partner, Shropshire, October 2018
Inspirational Activities:
I will now try and use any opportunity to create an engaging activity for the person with dementia. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, very professional.
Coverage Care, Manchester, October 2018
Introduction to Person-centred Validation Skills.
Thank you so much for the course last Thursday. I have been looking for you for ages! - People who have thought deeply and have experience with Alzheimer’s. I have to say the method isn’t easy yet - I struggle to get a sense of the need - but even my clumsy stumbling have made a difference. I hope to meet you both again. Thank you again for the work that you do.
Nina Robertson, Caring for my Mother , September 2016
Person-Centred Validation.
This is valuable work and the training should be under the umbrella of an organisation like ValidationUK with periodical professional development days to keep the quality and standards.
Jacqueline Ede, Occupational Therapist, Age Exchange & Freelance 2016
Person-Centred Validation.
I really want this course to disseminate across the UK as it improves the quality of life. I definitely want to do Person-centred Validation Champion coaches programme for my staff.
Any Raju, Care Manager, London 2016
Film: Conversations that Matter.
I was very impressed with the professionalism of the DVD as well as the accessibility of the content. Well done on an excellent and very helpful product!
Anne, family carer, Surrey, May 2014
Film: Conversations that Matter.
I watched the video today. Really well done. I think it will help me to deal with my mother. I think that some dentists may be interested in it if they have older or residential care patients with dementia.
Paul Mendlesohn, Dentist, Confederations of Dental Employees (CODE). March 2014
Four Core Training Workshops - Care Home.
Our main request was that the staff required practical skills based training in caring for people with dementia. I could not have asked for a better result. We purchased a suite of four workshops.

Following the training there was an obvious improvement in the staff interacting with the residents, and as part of the training programme 2 projects were set up which are still ongoing in the home. It has helped to bring the residents, their families and the care staff together as a unit.
Wendy Panther, Director, Careport Advisory Services Ltd. Nurse, Care Home Management Consultant. October 2013
Film: Conversations that Matter.
I used your DVD in training last week, I chose to show two clips – the one in the gentleman’s own home and the one in the care home setting. Both scenarios were very well accepted and everyone thought they really got the message across well. I enjoyed using them in the training room and will continue to do so. Thank you.
Sylvia Cowleard, Trainer, Dementia Pathfinders, September 2013.
Four Core Workshops for Domiciliary Carers.
Julia got really good feedback from the participants - 'an exceptional trainer', said one. The training plan and materials worked well; they were clear and attractive. 'Julia was great at involving family carers in the course, so that we learnt loads from their experience of living with someone with dementia.
Simon Foster. Consultant. Equip 4 Change, Quality Improvement in Health Care. February 2013
Workshops Co-led with a Family Carers.
Julia's approach and style is excellent and she has obviously really engaged with the group and I was really impressed that she knew everyone's names, a challenge that I would never manage. The group had obviously jelled together with good rapport between members which is quite an achievement seeing as it was only their third session together and I feel that this was again mainly due to Julia's approach. I was able to chat to a few of the group during the break and the feedback from them on the value of the course was extremely positive with a couple of them saying again that it is the best dementia training that they have ever received which is a real tribute to Julia and the family Carers for all their hard work and input.
Philippa Shreeve, Consultant Equip 4 Change, Quality Improvement in Health Care. March 2013
Dementia: Talking Mats Training Workshop.
I didn’t have any previous experience of Talking Mats. Julia’s workshop was a good practical training course with good background information based on research evidence. Julia has an exuberant and inspirational teaching style; you can’t help but be enthused
Cathy Butterworth., Nurse Consultant. Sharp Care Planning Systems. 23 May 2012
Dementia: Talking Mats Training Workshop.
A fabulous way of learning about residents feelings. I look forward to working with this Tool in the future building an insight into our residents’ lives and thoughts. The workshop was inspiring, engaging and fun. The quality of training was excellent and met my expectations
Louise Murkin., Activity Coordinator, Brendon Care , Alton 23 May 2012.
Dementia: Talking Mats Training Workshop.
Julia Pitkin’s training workshop was completely met with my expectations both innovative and engaging. Learning point of the day was the diverse use of Talking Mats. I valued the encouraging feedback given on my practical application following the filming of using the Mat with residents who are living with dementia. A definite convert to the use of Talking Mats to aid communication, and the many opportunities to involve residents in their chice of care and activities. I now have a technique to explore their feelings.
Maureen Brettles, Nurse Manager. Brendon Care , Alton 23 May 2012