Conversations that Matter - Breaking Through Dementia

  • Conversations that Matter - Breaking Through Dementia
  • Conversations that Matter - Breaking Through Dementia
  • Conversations that Matter - Breaking Through Dementia

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DVD with Trainer's Discussion Booklet & Downloads

This 45 minute DVD is accompanied with an estimated 6 hours of training material - great value! Three case scenarios; at home with domiciliary care, at home with family, in a care home with care staff.

The making of this film was commissioned by Social Care for Excellence (SCIE), and from the generous donations from businesses and the general public.

‘Lots of talk and no conversation’ that perception of life comes from Millie, who lives with dementia. This film aims to help change that view for her, and for anyone else in the same situation.

This is no ordinary film.

It is the first of its kind, scripted from events in the lives of actual people with dementia.

Mr Thomas is home alone and grieving for his wife, his security and comfort in times of vulnerability.
Millie is at home with her son James and is fighting to hold onto her independence and identity in a confusing world, as others make decisions for her.
Mrs Munslow is maintaining her sense of purpose in a bewildering care home environment.

Each scenario begins with relationships that are breaking down as carers continually misinterpret language and behaviour. The scenario is then re-wound to show an alternative, more empathetic and relationship-focused approach that meets everyone’s needs.

It can be used over and again to help anyone coming into contact with people living with dementia, who find themselves in those difficult situations where they are at a loss as to what to do or say, and perhaps, give hope to a relationship that once thought lost.

Trainers, Professionals and Care Providers
This 45 minute DVD can be used as a training resource demonstrating person centred values and sensitive communication skills. You will be able to:

  • Understand the ‘changing world’ of a person with dementia (their experience of dementia)
  • Realise the importance of an individual’s life story and our ability to reminiscence
  • Recognise the steps to empathy, listening and responding to feelings with feeling
  • Identify and then acknowledge the deeper emotional needs in the individual
  • Hear and see how to involve them in their care choices

Included in this Package

  • Film in DVD case
  • Trainer's Discussion Booklet
  • Access to additional downloads (a DVD purchase is necessary)

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